Panic disorder and agoraphobia can be overcome


Fight or flight?

Overcoming panic and agoraphobia


DVD: 48 minutes

In this new video from Monkey See Productions two people talk of their experiences with panic disorder and agoraphobia and the effect that it has had on their lives. They describe how their symptoms were initially attributed to physical causes and their eventual diagnosis with panic disorder, and they teach in plain language the techniques that they then used to successfully overcome it. Further insight is given by Professor Ron Rapee, Professor of Psychology, Macquarie University, and Dr Lisa Lampe, a consultant psychiatrist specialising in the treatment of social phobia. The techniques are largely based on cognitive behavioural therapy, which has proven to be a very successful treatment for panic disorder and for agoraphobia.

Of particular interest is the section on internal exposure. This is a relatively recent and very successful technique in the treatment of panic disorder.

Cognitive behaviour therapy has proven to be the most successful treatment for panic disorder and agoraphobia yet developed. It involves common sense and practical notions of how to recover, yet it is based on years of psychological research. This video teaches these techniques that have worked so well for other people, and that have been proven to be effective.

  • What is panic disorder and how is it treated?
  • What is agoraphobia?
  • Information about common symptoms
  • Self monitoring
  • Breathing retraining
  • Realistic thinking
  • Internal exposure - learning that your symptoms won't hurt you
  • External (graded) exposure - overcoming agoraphobia
  • The role of medication
  • Groups

What sets Fight or flight? apart from other mental health videos?

  • The techniques are taught by people who actually have (or have had) panic disorder
  • You get inspired by these people as they talk to you about how they overcame their difficulties
  • The video was produced in consultation with a leading expert in the treatment of panic disorder
  • This video was NOT produced in affiliation with any pharmaceutical company

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